Turmeric SOA Distributions

One of the challenges with any open source project, is making it easy to get up and running.  A user should be able to download a binary, and type one command to get started.   Until recently with the Turmeric SOA project, it wasn’t this simple.   Just take a look at the instructions for getting started with the Turmeric Runtime.  If it isn’t easy for somebody to get up and running in about 15 minutes or less, then you have probably already lost a potential adopter.

To help address this, the Turmeric SOA project has started to create some pre-configured open source application servers with the basic turmeric configuration already installed.  These servers are ready for testing and development purposes, and provide a guide how particular services can be deployed.   They will share a common Turmeric Runtime configuration, and will allow for a much smaller WAR file to be created for the services.

The server that we support out of the box is Jetty.  Specifically we are currently providing a pre-configured Jetty 7.4.5 application server configuration for Turmeric SOA, with a sample echoservice deployed.   Currently there is no binary to be downloaded, but during the next release cycle of Turmeric SOA we will be providing this binary distribution for download as well.

The source repository is available on GitHub, with simple instructions on how to get started.  The initial version uses the released Turmeric SOA 1.0.0 runtime.

To build the distribution and sample war yourself, follow these basic steps.

  • Clone the repository from github
  • Make sure you have the settings.xml deployed to your .m2 directory or saved as a file somewhere.
  • Install Maven 3.0 if not already installed.
  • Change to the directory you cloned maven, and type: mvn clean install

If you saved the settings.xml file to your hard drive, you can use the alternative form:

mvn clean install -s path/to/settings.xml

That is it.  The binary distribution for the jetty-turmeric appserver will be located in the app-server/jetty-turmeric/target directory.  Just unzip and follow the rest of the instructions in the README file for the project repository.

Going forward, we are open to community contributions to support deploying and running Turmeric SOA for other application servers.  If you want something else supported, please feel free to fork the project and provide patches back.

Update: Development Snapshots of the jetty distribution can be downloaded from here.

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4 Responses to Turmeric SOA Distributions

  1. jose says:

    Good Job Dave!! that project could be added in the Download page as simple example

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