Turmeric SOA – Eclipse Extras

Available on the eclipse marketplace, is a new plugin to enhance the editing experience for the Turmeric SOA‘s project configuration files. The plugin adds an XML Catalog entry to the WTP XML Catalog.   This provides a set of XML Schemas that are then used by the XML editors to provide content assistance and validation support for the configuration files.   The configuration files supported include:

  • ServiceConfig
  • GlobalServiceConfig
  • TypeLibrary
  • TypeDependencies
  • ClientConfig
  • GlobalClientConfig
  • ErrorData

Turmeric SOA is a very robust and configurable system, but the base plugins have concentrated mainly on wizards for creating new projects, making various schema types reusable across the projects, and enhancing the WSDL editor.   However, the power of Turmeric rests in it’s configuration files, and the ability to customize how a service behaves.  From what data formats it supports, to what transport levels are implemented, and what services are executed in the pipeline.    The Turmeric SOA – Eclipse Extras plugin aims to provide extended editing support.

Why isn’t this in the core Turmeric project?  Mainly because I initially developed this for my own use, but plan to move it back to the core once it matures a bit more.   Also, I think it is a great way to encourage possible contributions on a smaller scale.    Future versions of the plugin, may include Form based editors, content assistance for Data Binding, Transport, and Protocol Handlers extensions.

The plugin is available under the Eclipse Public License.  The project resides on GitHub, so please feel free to fork it, and enhance it.   I’d love to have some contributions back to the plugin.

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One Response to Turmeric SOA – Eclipse Extras

  1. Konstantin Komissarchik says:

    Good to see Turmeric moving along. Perhaps you will consider Sapphire for your form-based editors when you get that far. Sapphire project is maturing quite nicely. We recently acquired two new adopters who are active on the forum and more are lurking in the shadows. Overall, the feedback has been very positive.

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