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Working with SOAP Headers with Turmeric SOA

Many existing enterprise web services use or require the use of a variety of the WS-* specifications. Including WS-Security, WS-Policy, WS-Reliable Messaging, an others. Many of the WS-* specifications make use of the soap:header. Even though Turmeric SOA will generate … Continue reading

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>XML Security Tools 0.5

>Interested in XML Security for your Web Services (whether they be REST or SOAP), then you want to check out the 0.5 Milestone build of XML Security Tools. This is one of those hidden eclipse XML gems. It actually can … Continue reading

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>XML Security Proposal

>Dominik Schadow has created the XML-Security Plugin proposal. A proposed incubator project under eclipse Web Tools Platform’s incubator. XML Security is one of those corner cases of XML that covers general security and more advanced Web Services. It is one … Continue reading

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>Eclipse XML Security

>I was just informed about this today, but there is an open source XML Security plugin for eclipse. The plugin’s homepage says it is licensed under EPL. It provides a set of cheat sheets for working with the XML Encryption … Continue reading

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