>Hudson v1.337 installed

>….and this time no KA-BOOOM (at least not yet). Everything went fairly smoothly this time out. All plugins seem to be in place and working. We were running version 1.320 on the build machine. 1.337 fixes many bugs and adds a few enhancements as well.

If you notice any issues, please make sure you report it to the admins.

Oh and a side note. JGit Builds are now running on Hudson.

Note: There is a report that the symbolic link issue with lastSuccessful and lastStable may be back. I’ve opened issue 5070 against hudson to track the issue. In the meantime, I highly suggest if you are building on Hudson you investigate the RESTful API and URLs that are available. In many cases you can get much more information and access than just through the filesystem itself. Using the URLs can become even more important as distributed builds start to occur. The master server will know were things are via the URL even if the physical location changes.

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2 Responses to >Hudson v1.337 installed

  1. Jesper says:

    >But where are the cigame points now? Just when I added 60+ test cases! Typical! :-)(As you know, the game is the main reason for me to add any tests at all!)

  2. David Carver says:

    >Yeah..yeah. It's all part of my evil plan to keep me at the top. There apparently is a compatibility issue with the FindBugs 4.0 Hudson plugin and the CI game plugin. This isn't a Hudson 1.337 issue. If we turn off the FindBugs reports for the psychopath processor, we'll get points going again. Which I think I'll do, as it's duplicated within the wst.xsl job anyway.

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