>Traffic Jam

>I guess it was rush hour at 6:58pm EST on December 8, 2009. First time I’ve seen 4 builds in the queue waiting to build on the eclipse build server.

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2 Responses to >Traffic Jam

  1. Denis Roy says:

    >Are they waiting to build, or are they building? If they are waiting, what are they waiting for? If they are building, how is build.eclipse.org handling the load?

  2. David Carver says:

    >The items with the blue bars are building. The items in the Queue are waiting for a free slot to build. Since we have the test-slave set to only work with Jobs that are assigned to it. No job runs on the test-slave machine currently.If there are more executors available more can build. If you take a look at the current Load Statistics in Hudson, you'll see that the Master Executors are starting to peak out more often than they have in the past.This will continue to occur as more jobs get added. Especially longer running jobs that take several hours to build.

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