>Hudson at Eclipse

>Here are some cramps about Hudson at Eclipse. Hudson is a good Continuous Integration application, but in some ways I think a good long term plan for Hudson’s use at eclipse is still lacking.

At the moment it does well with the build and test phases, but eclipse’s use of Hudson totally ignores the release phase. There are restrictions in place for various reasons that make using some of the plugins provided impossible for release phase. How can we help eliminate this for the benefit of the projects and the community? Committers should not have to jump through hoops to get items published, mess with Cron jobs, or necessarily have to be BASH/ANT/MAVEN/Buildr experts to get a release published. Now with this said, I also think that committers on an open source project should be able to handle all of these tasks, and not just focus on writing application code. Knowledge silos are not a good thing in an open source project.

One of the issues is I think we have too many random plugins installed. The eclipse Hudson Wiki page contains a list of installed plugins. I would say that probably 95% of these are not being used. Of the list here is what I know that I currently use:

  • XVNC
  • Warnings
  • PMD
  • FindBugs
  • Duplicate Code Scanner
  • Ant

Of the others I see anything that is related to SCM access (i.e. Git, SVN, and CVS) as necessary. Also I see the need for Maven, Ant, BuckMinster, and Buildr plugins. Items related to Slave machines and maintenance are needed as well.

Of the various items that are installed for publishing and promotion. The only one I think we need is the Batch Task Plugin. The Batch Task Plugin can allow Hudson to help with the release process. It would appear to give the flexibility and configuration that is needed, but also provides a standardized interface for the projects to publish their results. Tasks can be constrained with security privileges as well.

Anyways, that is one thought on how to handle releases and help the community and committers get things done? What would others suggest to address this?

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1 Response to >Hudson at Eclipse

  1. eclipsehowl says:

    >Thx for setting up CI for Vex. CI is really cool!There should be a function "New Hudson Job…" in Eclipse which creates a new Hudson job from a set of shared projects on an existing CI Server, similarly to NetBeans' "New Kenai Project…". But the main problem that I see with using a CI Server for releases is: a new release means a new branch means a new Hudson job (different releases may require different job configurations).Holger

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