>PsychoPath XPath 2.0 Processor being evaluated by Xerces-J

>According to a blog entry by Mukul Gandhi, the PsychoPath Xpath 2.0 processor is used to help develop the XML Schemas 1.1 assertion support. Xerces2-J is working on an implementation of XML Schemas 1.1. Mukul has been very active recently in providing several patches. Some of which I was able to get in for the WTP 3.1M7, the rest unfortunately are going to have to wait until WTP 3.2M1.

I’m glad to see that PsychoPath is starting to see use since it migrated to eclipse. PsychoPath was one of those hidden gems I find from time to time on Sourceforge. Relicensing it and hosting the code at eclipse has brought a little more awarness to the processor. So I will say that going through the IP process while painful can be beneficial to projects. I will also say that we still need ways to allow eclipse projects to use and redistribute LGPL code with EPL code.

Mukul mentioned that we are planning on running PsychoPath against the W3C test suite, and this is in process now. The test suite is uncovering many minor implementation issues, nothing that is major at this time. I will also say that the PschoPath Xpath 2.0 code base is one of the cleanest from a coding stand point I have seen. I tip my hat to the students that worked on this to make it clean.

We plan to knock out a number of compliance issues in the WTP 3.2 time frame.

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