>PsychoPath Version 1.1 under development

>It’s been an interesting holiday weekend. WTP branched the 3.1 code stream for Source Editing last week. What this has meant is that development on PsychoPath 1.1 can begin.

Thanks to numerous contributions by Mukul Gandhi we are much farther along in our W3C Test suite compliance. There are still numerous test cases that have to be generated and run, but of the 1835 that we have converted, we aren’t passing 296 of those tests. The vast majority of the ones that aren’t passing are due to the junit tests not being setup correctly, and will be fixed over the coming weeks.

PsychoPath is one of the few eclipse based bundles that doesn’t have a dependency on OSGI and can be used as a runtime platform outside of eclipse. It is packaged as an OSGI bundle but has no dependencies on eclipse or osgi itself. This has made it an ideal candidate for the Xerces-J development team for implementing XML Schemas 1.1 assertions.

For a complete listing of bugs fixed to date, please see the 3.2M1 bug list. Mukul kept me busy but I was able to get all of his patches incorporated and PsychoPath is much better for it. A note to contributors to help make the committers job as easy as possible, break up your large patches into smaller patches with individual bug reports. It’s much easier to review and apply. Also, take the time to create a unit test, it helps to show what the problem is and whether the problem is fixed after the patch is applied. Mukul took this extra effort and it made applying his patches much easier.

Oh and congratulations to Mukul for his Xerces-J committership.

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