>Ugh!!! Cramps!

>Well, I have a few cramps that I need to tie. I’m in New Orleans for the NADA convention, and I will say it is MUCH warmer than back in the Midwest. So with out further ado here are some random rumblings that may later may get some more detailed attention.

1. New Orleans at least around the Convention Center, downtown, and near the Riverwalk is not looking half bad. I can HIGHLY recommend staying at the Hampton Inn at the Convention Center. It is one of the few places that I think is worth the money you typically pay for a hotel. The other was the Doubltree in downtown Philidelphia.

2. I’m sick and tired of Abita micro-brewed beer. Unfortunately that is the only local Micro Brew that most of the bars around town served. In fact to get a different micro brew like beer, I had to go to Gordon Biersch. Dixie’s brewery is still closed even though it was originally scheduled to open during the fall so no Dixie in New Orleans, even though you can get it outside of Lousiana.

3. I have not had time to hit some of the other places that realbeer.com, recommends. Most of my time has been spent on the convention floor. Which has been good and bad. Good in the fact that there is lots of interest in the STAR standard, bad because I have to stand around all day, the booth traffic is painfully slow at times. It’s a down year attendance wise in general, as the automotive industry tries to catch the next wave.

4. STAR now has a Blog! It was year in the making and took a lot of time and convincing, but we now have a blog. The STAR eXchange! I’ll keep my personal, eclipse, and general XML posts here. Some of my posts on Agile Development and particularly how it can be applied to development standards or specifications will shift to the new blog. I think it’s a good move for STAR to have a blog, it helps provide another way to reach out to the user community as a whole. If you are a standards organization and have a blog, please let me know. I’ll see if we can get it added to the STAR Blog Roll. Who knows…maybe we can get a Planet feed hosted for standards blogs.

5. I came in late on a conversation that that was happening on the #eclipse-dev IRC channel in regards to formatting preferences for projects. Discussing formatting preferences is like discussing religion or politics. Nobody has the same opinion, and everybody thinks there views or preferences are the right ones. My view on this is that agreeing to a common formatting of the source code across a project is a good thing. It promotes some consistency, and generally makes it easier to read the code. Yes a coder should be able to read code that is formatted differently, but having that consistent look and feel just goes that extra step toward showing some Craftmanship, instead of hacking. It makes it easier for the person that comes behind you who has to maintain the code. Again, I do not expect to convince anybody about this, as it’s a touchy subject amongst coders. However a project should agree on what is acceptable, and now a days, I do not think one should be limited to 80 characters, but also do not think one should go over 100 charcters for a line. Uncle Bob talks about it in “Clean Code” and the ZDNet article “Assist future developers by writing comments, clean code” discusses it as well.

That’s about all I have for now. I’ll be back home in the next few days, and then have to put the finishing touches on the XSL Tools and XSLT Tutorial for EclipseCon, and start on the XML Development Tools short talk for EclipseCon. February will keep me busy for a while.

Oh and it does look like I’ll be in Indianapolis the middle of February for the MIC general session meeting at DealerExpo.

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