Andmore 0.5-M2 Released

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 4.44.52 PM

The second stable milestone release is ready for you, the user community to kick the tires, and start to use for your development.  Thanks to several community members for fixes in this release.  The most important being that the Android XML Editor no longer tries to be the only XML editor in the system.  This should allow Andmore to play nicer with other plugins that you may be using.   Also the Database Perspective got some attention and when browsing a Database from a device you should no longer get an error dialog displayed. Full details can be found in the New and Noteworthy section for the release notes.

There is a p2 site for your installation needs, I haven’t had time yet to do a composite repository yet, but it is on the list.  In the mean time add the following update site to get the latest milestone release.

Add the above url to your available software sites.

It is recommended to get also get the latest m2e-android as well.  It adds some support to guarantee that source folders stay in the correct order and helps guarantee that other eclipse plugins work well with Andmore when using maven.

We are still waiting for some extension points from the Buildship project so that we can provide Gradle integration.

Thanks again the community members that provided patches.  It helps move the project forward.

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