>PsychoPath 1.1M3 a Java 5 (1.5) or greater XPath 2.0 Schema Aware processor is now available for download.

It is packaged in two forms as standalone jar and as part of an eclipse P2 update site. It does depend on java_cup and xerces (for xml schema support).

PsychoPath is also included in the latest WTP 3.2 Milestone 3 build as well.

PsychoPath now has a pass rating of 99.6% of the W3C XPath 2.0 portion of the XQuery Test suite. It is fully schema aware including the ability to handle user defined data types. There are about 24 tests left to go to bring it into full compliance with the test suite.

PsychoPath provides the only known open source java XPath 2.0 Schema
Aware processor. User Manual and sample code can be found at:


Thanks to Andrea Bittau for the original code donation. Current
development is done by Dave Carver, Mukul Gandhi, and Jesper Moller.

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  1. nickb says:

    >You should really avoid linking to specific builds in Hudson for two reasons:a) build.eclipse is not a http server; for file access, download.eclipse is the way to go. b) build.eclipse is not mirrored; download.eclipse is.Have you seen my handy HOWTO for promoting builds from build.eclipse to download.eclipse?

  2. nickb says:

    >Also, you can pass in "-buildAlias 1.1M3" to EXTRAFLAGS in order to relabel your build with 1.1M3 instead of N200911081041.And since it's a Milestone, maybe buildType=S would be preferable?

  3. David Carver says:

    >@nickb Yeah, I realize that, but since the only way I can get an easy standalone jar produced is through my "unofficial" psychopath builds, I need to link to Hudson. Since it's only a milestone build, it will eventually go away so it's not critical that it stay around forever.I'm trying to work through WTP to get this jar available separately, but that is going to take more time and the overall user community needs this sooner rather than later. So the Hudson build is the quickest way for these early adopters just to grab a jar they need, with out it necessarily being compressed. PsychoPath is designed to work outside of eclipse so a P2 update site isn't an option for them.

  4. SeuAndré says:

    >Excelent!! Thanks!

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