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>Local Continuous Integration with Hudson and Git

>One of the practices from Continuous Integration is that builds should be run locally before committing to the main repository. Recently I’ve been working with Hudson and git to setup a local continuous integration server. With git I have a … Continue reading

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>Bad Habit in Design: Concentrating on the 20%

>I was hit again today with a bad habit we can get into trying to solve a problem. At work we need a way to handle meeting and conference registration. However, instead of concentrating on addressing the 80% use case, … Continue reading

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>Standards, Documentation, Single Sourcing, and Continuous Integration

>Over the last several years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many standard organizations. Many are trying to improve their development processes to meet the membership and the communities needs sooner. However, almost all have one area that still … Continue reading

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>A Hudson Transition

>Working for a small company means you get to wear many different technology hats. Currently, I’m wearing my Build Engineer’s hat. Along with this hat comes the skill of a plate spinner. Keeping multiple systems building, and outputting effectively is … Continue reading

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>Agile Testing for Standards Organizations

>I jumped over to the Agile Development way of working several years ago. One of the problems with the way current standards are developed in my opinion is the fact that there is very little validation of the requirements. If … Continue reading

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>Architecture Council: Bugzilla Best Practices

>The eclipse Architecture Council has been working on a set of best practice guidelines for triaging bugzilla. The effort is greatly influenced by Boris and the Platform UI team and their refactoring of their Bug Triage process. I wrote about … Continue reading

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>Agile Documentation Revisited

>A while ago, I wrote an entry called Agile Documentation, in which the development of documentation or any particular writing and publishing process can be made agile. This was driven home recently with some changes at work. We publish a … Continue reading

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