Importing existing Android Code into Andmore

Wayne raised a bug about importing existing Android Development Tools projects so they work with Andmore.   The problem arises because the various nature and builder ids have been renamed when we moved to Eclipse.  If we didn’t and you had ADT and Andmore installed in the same instance (this is just crazy talk why would one want do such a thing), then both Andmore and ADT would both be trying to control the project along with trying to build it.   Mass chaos would occur, and dogs and cats would be sleeping together.  Mass hysteria would occur.

To avoid this world ending situation, the ids were renamed.  It’ll be ugly but you could technically install both into the system, however I don’t recommend it.   You are better off just installing one or the other.  We hope it is Andmore.   If you do, how do you get your existing code brought into the system.

Luckily, there is an Import Wizard that can do the vast majority of the heavy lifting for you.  I’ve created a FAQ entry that outlines the steps.

This will take a project that is in the existing ADT format, and bring it into an Andmore workspace and set the builder and nature ids appropriately.   It does not work too well yet with Android Studio and Gradle related projects.   We need to make it a bit smarter in this area.

There are a couple of new bug reports to add support for these formats.

There is also a need to deprecate the APKLib format but still be able to import the appcompat_v7 libraries until AAR support is added.

Long term, APKLibs and the legacy project format need to go away, so that build tools like m2e-android, buildship, and others can add the necessary support and configuration for their project structures.   Andmore should provide the extension points where necessary so that you can plug in your own providers for these situations.

If you are looking for something to help out with, consider contributing a patch for bug 463610 and 463598 to help people migrate to Andmore from ADT.

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