Andmore Planning for 0.5-M1

Finally unwinding from attending EclipseCon, and presenting the Andmore Project to the folks that are in attendance.   It is nice to see that there is still interest in having a first class set of tools that allow Android development.   I got to meet a lot of great people, and help get some pointed in the direction for code contributions.

One thing that is clear, is that we need to get you the community a p2 repo soon so that you can start kicking the tires and also start migrating tools that have been developed for ADT to also work with Andmore.   To this end, I have set myself the goal to get a 0.5-M1 build ready for you to use before the end of April.    This I believe should be doable and I will look at starting true nightly/integration builds for those that need them as well or just like to live on the edge.

To help those that are interested in contributing to Andmore understand where the dependencies with other eclipse projects come into play.  Below is a PDE Visualization of the dependency graph.


Andmore in particular is dependent on the platform, jdt, and the wtp projects.  Indirectly it pulls in other projects as well.   The org.eclipse.andmore project is the main plugin that many of the supporting plugins that andmore’s features depend upon.


Andmore itself is made up of a number of other plugins that provide additional functionality beyond just the base android project creation.    While the Android Core provides you with the basics of what you need, the additional plugins enhance the user experience.

Anyways, be looking for an 0.5-M1 build within the next month, and please consider forking the repository on github and providing some pull requests.

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