Andmore Tests are Alive

After battling for the last couple of days, the Andmore’s projects Integration and Unit Tests are now running.   Well, let’s say they are at least not failing.   The unit tests are pretty self contained.  However the tests that are more Integration tests, are pretty brittle.  In fact some are so brittle that they needed to be ignored.

The main culprit is that none of the tests that are Ignored, are cleaning up after themselves.  They leave a dirty workspace, and cause Dialogs to be displayed.  This tends to hang the tests in a state that just locks everything up.

So, with this said, we do have about 400 good tests that play nicely together.  This is better than no tests at all but is a long way from having any type of good code coverage.   Which will be my next item to work on, getting JaCoCo to run along with the tests so we have an idea of what is being executed and what currently is not.

We could use some help with getting these tests to run nicely.  I got them to work well for the most part on a Mac, but when they started to run on a Linux headless system they would lock up at different points.   I have no idea how well they work on a Windows machine.    So if you feel like lending a hand, please clone the repository, and start submitting pull requests to to the project.   We’ll gladly take any help you can provide.  You can see the latest test results here:

Also for those that are really brave and like to test bleeding edge builds, you can install Andmore directly into your running Luna environment (may work with older versions as well).  Just use the following url in the Install Software of your IDE:

That should contain everything you need to install Andmore and start playing around.  I do not recommend installing ADT and Andmore into the same environment.

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