Andmore has passed Trademark Review

Andmore has passed trademark review at the Eclipse Foundation.   So what is next?  When can you have a working version of the IDE?    This is something that the project committers will be getting together to discuss over the coming weeks.  The project still needs to be provisioned and setup within the foundations bugzilla, automated builds need to be setup, package names need to be renamed, as well as extension points.

One of the goals is to keep the base functionality working, and to provide the necessary extension points where needed so that adopters can extend it where necessary.  We also want to make sure that regardless of the build platform you choose, i.e. eclipse, gradle, maven, ant, or batch scripts, you can have an integrated development environment for what ever comes in the future.   The only true constant besides the speed of light, is change, and we want the community to be involved in shaping that change and the platform features coming.

I look forward to helping shape the future, and to working with the Android Open Source Project to help build off the base platform of ADT and Moto Dev studio.   Together as a community we can make Andmore a good Android development platform.

In the mean time, the current code base may be downloaded and built from the GitHub project site:

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3 Responses to Andmore has passed Trademark Review

  1. Jérôme says:


    The project is nice but there are chances that it’ll always lag behind Android Studio in terms of supported Android features. Google will always make sure AS is up-to-date w.r.t. its latest Android release.

    • kingargyle says:

      Yep. No doubt that it will probably lag behind as we’ll always be in responsive mode to feature changes as Google develops Android Studio and Android behind close doors and then tosses the code over the wall. So the goal is not to provide absolutely every feature right away, but to provide the critical features that are needed (i.e. AAR support). Plus provide extension points where others can add too and expand the functionality. Andmore should be the basis to build off going forward for whatever customization for Android development you need in eclipse. Whether you are a developer developing android apps or somebody developing additional tooling. The community is going to make the project what it is. It’ll succeed or fail based on the community that forms around it.

  2. Aleksander says:

    Very happy to learn about this project.

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