Creating Android TV Recommendations

I’m in the process of integrating Serenity for Android with the new Android TV platform.   One of the items is to add Recommendations for Movies and TV Shows to watch.  These will appear along side other apps recommendations.    Android TV makes use of the Notification API to build and display the recommendations, and it is fairly straight forward to implement.

The main items that you need do are as follows:

  1. Create an IntentService that can fetch and contribute the recommendations.
  2. Schedule the IntentService to run periodically after the device has booted to update its recommendations.
  3. Handle refreshing the recommendations after your video has completed if necessary.

To help others, I have created a Gist that shows what was necessary to implement this for Serenity.  The overall implementation took maybe a half a day, and lot of that was making sure that Android Universal Image Loader wasn’t running on the main thread.

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