Proteus Android IDE

Almost two years ago, MotoDev Studio was open sourced.  The code has sat idle in the git repositories.  MotoDev provided a lot of useful tools and additional functionality that was missing.  It provided better device integration and file exploring, a great repository of snippets, and kick ass Internationalization editor.   Since it was opened source, Google has gone a different direction with Android development, concentrating on Android Studio, and only providing bug fixes and tooling updates for the Android Development Tools based on eclipse.

I recently had an itch to resurrect the MotoDev studio plugins, and thus the Proteus Android IDE was born.  It leverages ADT 23.0.x, and includes the MotoDev basic functionality.   However it doesn’t stop there, it also is built off Eclipse Kepler, and includes, Maven and the Android Maven Connector, allow for consumption of maven artifacts.   In addition, Mylyn, Mylyn Reviews, the Gerrit Connector, EGit, and Github connectors are included.   Also included is the Gradle Tooling plugins from SpringSource.

The addition of these plugins on top of ADT, help form the basis going forward for hopefully a first class IDE for Android development based on eclipse.

The goal currently is to provide a community supported project where additional Android tooling can be done that extends and addresses the issues around ADT.   Eclipse developers and particularly corporate consumers should be able to leverage and use the tools they know and love.

Right now Proteus is a person project, and one that has a lot of other things going on.   So it needs help to survive and thrive.   This is where the eclipse community comes into play.   The project is hosted on GitHub, it is licensed under an Eclipse Development License 1.0, with MotoDev residing under Apache 2.0.     You can get the current code, from the link below:

Binaries and more information about the project can be found at the wiki:

The project will need a community to form around it to survive and thrive long term.  It will be what the eclipse android community makes it.  So feel free to Fork the code, play around with it, and send in pull requests.   Maybe together we can make the Android IDE that we deserve.


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3 Responses to Proteus Android IDE

  1. Michael Keppler says:

    While I like your engagement in providing a better tooling for Android on Eclipse, I don’t like the self-centered approach. I certainly want some of the functionality, but I don’t want a new additional IDE package besides the normal Eclipse, the Google packaged Eclipse and Android Studio. First, every developer needs a different setup anyway (so your target audience probably _has_ an Eclipse installation already) and second, pre-packaged versions often block my own abilities to modify them (e.g. the Google packaged ADT Eclipse missed using root features in the build and therefore could not be upgraded correctly) or bring old dependencies, which can not always be upgraded easily.

    I also don’t want a new perspective and someone modifying my existing menus and toolbars. I just want more views in the already existing Android and Java perspective.

    That’s why I believe this project could be more successful by providing it’s functionality in a more “add-on like way”. E.g. focus on the update site first instead of the binary download. Categorize the features on the update site (as by now you only see the “all in one” feature by default). Use perspective extensions instead of a full new perspective, …

    • kingargyle says:

      Michael, Proteus is also available as a p2 Update site, where you can just install the Feature directly into an existing eclipse or Android Development Tools ide. So if you don’t want the additional items that the full IDE has, you can install just the Proteus add on functionality. Also Proteus IDE also uses root features so it should be able to be updated.

      If you don’t want the additional perspective, you don’t need to use it, just customize an existing perspective, and add the views and toolbar items you want. Proteus aims to work within your existing environment, and not necessarily force a way for you to work.

      As I said, there is already an update site you can use. Link below:

  2. kingargyle says:

    BTW, please open a bug report on github so I don’t loose the feature categorization request. It’ll help make sure this is as useful as possible to the community as a whole.

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