Serenity for Android now on Amazon Fire TV


Version 1.7.3 should now be available in the Amazon App store and be available for the Amazon Fire TV.   A newer version has been submitted that should bring it up to speed with the Google Play version in a few days.   For best playback experience,   it is recommended to use an external video player.  If you can, side load MX Player for the best integrated experience.


Serenity uses the same code base without changes as the versions that run on Google TV, Tablets, Android HDMI sticks, OUYA, and Android TV devices.

What do you get over the official Plex application:

  • Multiple user selectable views, select between Grid and Detail views for TV Shows and Movies
  • Video Queue and Continuous Playback support.
  • User configurable preferences for Default catagories on TV Shows and Movies.  Select the starting category for browsing from the preferences.
  • Integrated support of Plex meta data for supported External Players (i.e MX Player).  Plex metadata will update current playback position and watched/unwatched status.
  • Optional Overscan adjuster.  Accessible through the User Preferences.
  • Quick Navigation with the Remote Control or attached Blue Tooth Keyboard.
  • Optimized for Remote and Game Controller use.

Serenity does not support all the Plex functionality.  If your video library requires transcoding and you can’t use an external player that supports playback of your content, then the offical Plex client may be a better choice.   But if you can Direct Play all your content or are experiencing issues with the official client, you may want to give Serenity a spin.  It may fit your browsing needs.


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