Jersey + Jetty = less hair

This is mainly for future me when I run into this problem again. I needed to use Jersey 2.x and had setup an embedded Jetty server for some integration testing. One portion needed to get the parameters from a POST request and needed to pass on the HttpServletRequest. However, injecting the HttpServletRequest always returned empty values for the params. Jersey was consuming them before hand. In order to get around this, I had to implement a subclass of HttpServletRequestWrapper, here is the underlying code:

public class JerseyMultiValueMapWrapper extends HttpServletRequestWrapper {

   MultivaluedMap<String, String> oAuth2Params;
   public JerseyMultiValueMapWrapper(HttpServletRequest request) {
   public JerseyMultiValueMapWrapper(MultivaluedMap<String, String> params, HttpServletRequest request) {
     oAuth2Params = params;
   public String getParameter(String name) {
     return oAuth2Params.getFirst(name);

You can then pass this along to the API that expects the HttpServletRequest. I needed this mainly when working with the Apache Oltu api, as it only accepted HttpServletRequests and kept failing validation due to missing parameters.

Hopefully this helps some others.

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