Serenity for Android 1.4.0


Version 1.4.0-M3 is now available on the development site.   One of the features that is missing from the Plex Media Server and more importantly the various players is the ability to Queue up videos for playback and have them continuously play.   I occasionally use the Netflix app on the PS3 and the continuous play feature is one of the best things about the app.   As soon as one finishes the next one starts.   With version 1.4.0 of Serenity for Android, this functionality now comes to your Android Tablet, Google TV device, and Android Smart TV.     So sit back, queue up those Games of Thrones episodes, and prepare for that marathon viewing of the series.

  • Continuous Play support for External Players
  • Preference to enable or disable queue support for external players
  • Pressing Back exits video queue playback. Continuous play happens once the current video reaches the end.
  • Playing videos from the Queue always starts at the beginning of each video.
  • Play All has moved to the Side Menu
  • Added side menu to Episode browser.
  • Improved D-Pad navigation with Sliding Menu
  • Change Log dialog for when a new version is installed.
  • Reminder prompt to rate the app in the play store. (Note this is a one time prompt, 14 days after initial installation of the app).
  • Force ViMu to start playback from Plex’s offset position.

Full feature list is available here and downloadble APK is availabel here.

The final version should be available in the play store in a week or two.

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