Serenity for Android 1.3.0


Version 1.3.0 is now available in the play store.   This adds a user requested feature to support the Plex Music Library.

Get it on Google Play

Summer time means more sun, more yard work, and typically less time to devote to hobby projects.   With that said, 1.3.0 does add several new features:

  • Full support for the Plex Music Libraries.   Browse by Artist and Albums.   Most of the filters are supported, and Albums can be played.   While it doesn’t provide a super feature rich music player, it does provide the basics.   I’m looking to add support for external players, so if there are any that people want supported please let the project know.
  • Movies and TV Shows get some added features:
  • TV Shows when viewing the On Deck, Recently Added, or Recently Viewed, can long press on an episode and there is an option to view all episodes for that season.
  • Rating information is now displayed for the shows and movies.
  • Automatic Subtitle selection can be enabled by setting the preference option and choosing the appropriate language.  Languages available are determined by what your device supports.   If there is a subtitle that matches the language you choose then it will be played automatically.   This was a highly requested feature from international users.
  • Option menu is now more accessible on tablets, no longer need to press the devices menu button to reach it.

There is still a lot of work to do on the app and even more spit and polish to do to get it working on phones and devices smaller than 7 inch tablets.  Also, Serenity will work with any version of the Plex Nine series of media servers, it isn’t limited to the latest version.  So if for some reason you can’t upgrade to the latest plex version, and still want access to your media, Serenity is an option to check out.

I’m looking for some one that has a Kindle Fire HD that would be willing to test Serenity out on that device.  I’d like to add it to the Amazon app store, but want to make sure it works well on the Fire which I don’t have to test.


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