Serenity for Android 1.2.4


Version 1.2.4 is now available in the play store.   This fixes an issue with subtitle playback with the internal player.  Subtitles should now be working again.

Get it on Google Play

Plex Inc released the latest Android client, and apparently people are not too happy.  At least those that don’t need or want a myPlex account.   For those that still want to access your plex media server without requiring a myPlex account, give Serenity a try.   Serenity does not require or even makes use of myPlex.   It should never be a requirement for playback of local content.   Serenity does not support transcoding, but it does give you the option to use a player like MX Player to play back content that your device may not support natively.   You can get development versions to test from the projects web site.  Or you can buy released versions from the play store.   All development versions are free, and for those that like to mess around with code, the source code is also available for free for the app.

Another item that Serenity does not make use of is any gps or location based data.  It has no need for it, as it is primarily designed to allow you to access your media on your local servers for play back locally.   If you want to share your server with others that is your progative.  I personally don’t see the need for the app to ever need to know what is happening.

Serenity is optimized for tablets and specifically optimized for a TV screen.  Give Serenity for Android a try, it could be that Plex experience you were hoping to have.

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