Serenity for Android


Version 1.1.2 is now available in the play store. This is mainly a logo and name change for the app.  Why the name change, because Serenity runs on more than just Google TV devices.  It will currently run on any Android device running version 3.1 or above.  This means it is possible to load it on Kindle Fires, almost any Android Tablet, and even some android phones.   It also means it can run on those Android mini usb sticks, as well as the recently released OUYA device.     Having “Google TV” in the name was in some ways saying that it only ran on Google TV devices, which isn’t the case, it is optimized for those devices though.

Get it on Google Play

We changed the logo as well to help de-emphasize the TV aspect of the app, and also to differentiate it from other apps in the play store that were using the Serenity name. Logo created by Spiderfly Studios.

So if you are a Plex Media Server user and have a tablet or another android based device and were hesitant to give Serenity a try because you thought it was only for Google TV, please give it another look.  It has a different approach to playing back your content than the official plex client.

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