Serenity for Google TV 1.1.0

Get it on Google Play

Version 1.1.0 is now available in the play store. There is one minor bug fix that came in with this release, and that is for situations where there are TV Show entries in Plex, but they have no episodes. This was reported through Google Play, so thanks to whoever reported this situation.

In addition to the bug fix, the following additonal items are new in 1.1.0.

  • Subtitle playback support (SRT format only)
  • Video Tutorial through Options menu
  • Refactored Video Download manager
  • Remove Music and Photo options from menu.
  • Support for Long menu names.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • TV Show content ratings
  • OSD D-Pad navigation
  • Improved inforgraphic size for 1080p displays

Subtitle support works on Google TV as well as tablets.  Only SRT format is supported at this time as it appears to be the most popular version supported.  If you have other formats you would like supported by the internal player, please let me know.  Both the internal and supported external players will work with subtitles.

In addition, there is now a Video tutorial to help get people going with the app.  You can view this on YouTube.

It’ll provide a good overview of the application and how to get things setup.  In addition, I have tried to address the navigation issues for those with large video collections.  See the Keyboard short cuts list for a list of quick navigation features.

One final item, if you are in Columbus, OH on April 18th, I’ll be discussing Google TV development at the Google Developer’s Group meetup.

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