Serenity for Google TV 1.0.0


Serenity for Google TV v 1.0.0 is now live in the Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

It has been an interesting learning experience designing an android based app.  Particularly one designed for a 10 foot viewing experience.  Designing for a TV screen is not the same necessarily as designing for a tablet.  There are different interaction points, and if you want the app to work well on both, you have to strike a balance between the features of both items.   It is in particular why Serenity is only landscape mode, and why it is a full screen application.   With devices like Ouya being released, and the various android on a stick devices out there, we are going to see that just porting a tablet app unchanged to a tv environment may not necessarily be a good experience for the user.  However, going the opposite direction one can balance the experience between the TV and the tablet and have it work well.  It doesn’t translate as well when going to the smaller phone screen though.

Serenit currently depends on a plex media server for it’s information and storage of the movies and tv shows.   I like Plex, but the developer/third-party documentation leaves a lot to be desired at times.   Information you need to access and update portions of the server metadata is buried on the projects developer’s forums, and the wiki documentation is sparse at best.  To help others, the REST library I use to access the content on Plex is open sourced as part of the project.  Hopefully this makes it a bit easier for others to access the metadata stored on the plex server.

Anyways, here are a few screen shots of Serenity.  It works on all Google TV devices, and should work on a wide variety of android tablets.   The app code is available on github, as well as development versions of the app for those that want to test drive it before purchasing.



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