Serenity for Google TV 0.11.0 Available

So I missed posting that 0.10.0 was released, and now 0.11.0 is available here are the Features from both releases.   Serenity requires a Plex Media Server, and runs best on Android Tablets or a Google TV device.   I’ll be putting in screen size restrictions to exclude phones (sorry I don’t have the development cycles available currently to support the smaller screens).


Without further ado, here are the features:


  • Ability to Search for Movies. Press the Search button or select the Search menu option. On Vizio Co-Stars the search button will bring up the in app search dialog, other devices may only bring up the Global, it is device dependent on how this is implemented.
    • Search Suggestions are provided based on last keywords searched.
    • Only movie titles are searched.
    • Items that match the search criteria are shown in the Movie Browser.
  • Changed movie background image. Image curtesy of the MediaRedux skin from xbmc.
  • Episode Filtering now available. Episodes filter takes you directly to the episode browser.
  • Download movies and episodes to external storage device. Use an external player to play them back. Access this option by long pressing a movie or episode poster image. Items are downloaded in background so you can continue to use the app, you will be notified when downloads are complete.
  • Ability to select where download videos are stored. This uses external storage and starts at the root, this is device dependent on how it defines external storage.
  • Implement HttpResponseCache to help cache some requests. May help with performance on large video collections. Cache is 10meg and uses external storage.


  • Discover Plex Media Servers on the local network. This relies on the DLNA option being enabled on the plex media server. A new preference setting is available to select the Media server to connect too.
  • Packages have been renamed so you should Uninstall prior Serenity applications so you don’t end up with duplicate options in your application launcher.
  • Long press on a Movie poster to be able to Toggle Watched and Unwatched status. Note for Vizio CoStar users there is a bug with the Costar Remote where it sends the wrong KeyCode, you can move the mouse pointer over the poster, and then hold down the “-” key on the front of the remote to get the menu option. Other devices and remote ip controls should work correctly.
  • Tablets – Add basic support to use Able Remote as a second screen device. If you long press the poster, you should get an option to “Play on TV” if you have able remote installed. The only player that currently works is the aVia Media Player. Neither Serenity or ViMu seem to respond to the url intent that is passed. Chrome might work as well depending on video being sent.
  • After a video is played and returning to the browser screen, the watched status is updated on the screen.
  • User Requested – Increased legibility for Drop Down menus and all screens. Font sizes have been increased due to user feedback.
  • Adds enhanced support for ViMu and MX Player external players. ViMu enforces direct play of the files, MX Player enforces hardware decoding. Both players now get sent and display the title of the video being played.
  • User Requested – Support for Season and Episode numbers in Summary screens when browsing. This requires that your TV Shows have this in their file names in the format of SxxExx. If there are other formats that need to be supported please comment below or open an enhancement request.
  • User Requested – Display Date originally Aired when browsing episodes.
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