Introducing Serenity

It has been a while since I last posted. Mainly because most of my longer form blogs have moved over to Google+. I’ve found the platform be good for more detailed posts and it fits well enough for blogging that I haven’t found the need to post here. However, I have a new open source project I have created. I know that not everybody is using Google+ so I figure it is time to resurect this blog and focus it a bit on Android development, particularly around Google TV.

Serenity for Google TV is a new Plex Media Server client that I’m working on, and has slowly started to build a community around it. I wrote an article for Google TV Friends earlier in the month detailing the project. While the title of the app is “Serenity for Google TV” it does work on Android Tablets and Phones as well, however it is not optimized for phones, and tablets that are smaller than 7 inches may be a bit harder to use. Eventually I’ll tweak it more for the smaller screens, but it is first and foremost designed for the larger screens.

The goal of Serenity is to provide a good 10ft viewing experience for Google TV devices and for people that have a Plex Media Server. Why Plex? Because that is what I have. Future versions may expand beyond this, but the primary focus is plex integration at this time. TV Show and Episode browsing is pretty complete, and it allows the use of both it’s Internal player as well as external players. On tablet’s it defaults to external players. By allowing use of external players in many cases Transcoding of video is unnecessary.

Internal Player on Screen Display

If you have a google tv device or an android tablet that is running Android 3.2 or higher, feel free to give Serenity a test drive. Bug reports and feature requests can be made on the GitHub project page.

Download Serenity.

Follow the Action on the Google Plus Page: Serenity for Google TV

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