Turmeric SOA 1.1.0 Released

Turmeric SOA 1.1.0 is now available for download.


Included in this release are several new features and improvements.

  • Cassandra storage support for both Rater Limiter, Runtime, and Monitoring Console. Metrics are captured and stored in a cassandra data store. The JPA option for relational databases is still available for Monitoring and Runtime.
  • Jetty Turmeric application server. A pre-configured version of jetty 7.4 with turmeric runtime components and common service handlers has been provided for download. This should make testing and development of turmeric services simplier. All runtime items are deployed to a common location. Support for JPA (using Derby) and Cassandra data sources are available, as well as access to the various Security handlers.
  • Protobuf support has been added as an option for serialization and deserialization for services to use.
  • Expanded support for RESTful web services, using GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE operations.
  • OSGI improvements with the way classloaders are implemented. This will allow the turmeric runtime components to be used within an OSGI container.
  • Additional work on the Repository Service has been done.  This version requires WSO2 Governance Registry 4.x, and the service is still beta.  Work continues to implement the full functionality against the WSO2 Governance Registry.
  • Policy Admin UI is now released as 1.0.0.  Minor bug fixes have been included.  See the release notes for more information.

Many bug fixes, and tweaks have been done as well. For further information please seen the release notes.


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