Turmeric SOA and Cloud Mashups

One of the things we get asked is how can Turmeric SOA work with existing web services?  Do we have to migrate all our services over to use Turmeric?   The answer is no.   While the best gain in performance is if your services are running natively in turmeric.  You can gain some of the benefits of the framework, like pipelines, and handlers, but implementing consumers for existing services.      To help demostrate this, Intalio, will be giving a presentation called, Turmeric with Cloud Mashups.   The dates and times are as follows:

June 29, 2011 – 11:00AM PDT, 1hr.

June 30, 2011 – 9:00AM JST, 1hr.

June 30, 2011 – 3:00PM CEST, 1hr.

If you missed them, we have done some introductory presentations on Turmeric, and those are available for online viewing as well.

The presentations will cover interfacing and using Turmeric SOA with both eBay Marketplace Web Services and Amazon Web Services.

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