Turmeric SOA 1.0.0

Turmeric SOA 1.0.0 has been released.   Some highlights from the Release Notes.  You may download the latest version from the projects download page.

Runtime 1.0.0:

Eclipse Plugins 1.0.0:

Security Services 1.0.0:

  • No changes since Beta Release.
  • These services handle Authentication, Authorization, RateLimiting, GroupMembership, and Policy Enforcement.

Policy Administration – 1.0.0 Beta RC 2:

Policy Administration was released as an alpha release in Turmeric 1.0.0 Beta RC1.  With this release, Policy Administration has a more refined user interface, and allows for importing and exporting of policies.

Policy Administration makes use of both the Policy Service and the Policy Enforcement Service.  An overview of the Policy Administration application can be seen in the presentation, “Security Services, Policy Administration, and Monitoring Console”.

Monitoring Console – 1.0.0 Beta RC 2:

Monitoring Console in the prior release only showed the metrics via a table view.  With the current release, the metrics are also now displayed using a variety of graphs.

All three tabs on the Monitoring Console can show graphs, and one can view metrics down to the operation level.   Metrics are aggregated every minute, so data on the services and graphs can be view nearly real time.   Aggregation time periods are configurable through the runtime.

Repository Service 1.0.0 Alpha RC1:

  • Unchanged from the last release

Repository Service is undergoing some design changes to remove the Library support.   Feedback is desired from the community on this particular service.

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