Introduction to Turmeric Presentation

Recently, Adam Lieber and I recorded a brief presentation about Turmeric SOA.  If you are looking to learn more about the open source project, and the eclipse plugins that enhance the development experience, please visit the Introduction to Turmeric page.

The presentation is available as an MP4 file as well if you want to view it off line.

The presentation lasts about 50 minutes, and covers the major portions of the runtime framework, and the various services that round out the offering.  The slides are also available for download from the site as well.

Update 2011-05-20: There were some problems with playing the embedded video presentation on some browsers.  This should be fixed.  Unfortunately you will need flash, until HTML5 video is supported more widely.  The video itself is still available for download as well for offline viewing.

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3 Responses to Introduction to Turmeric Presentation

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  2. Scott Lewis says:

    Hi Dave.

    Have you or anyone else at eBay considered creating an ECF remote services provider…based upon Tumeric? ECF has just finished implementing the OSGi 4.2 Remote Services spec (chap 13) and the Remote Services Admin spec (chap 122 in enterprise spec). See and

    Since ECF has a provider architecture, it’s now quite possible (even easy, I would say) to create remote services providers that use their own serialization and distribution processes. This is made possible by the ECF remote services API…which is an abstraction that’s used by the RS/RSA impl…and is currently implemented by several providers…e.g. one’s based upon JMS, r-OSGi/http, ECF generic protocol, XMPP, and others.

    It seems to me…from the descriptions of Turmeric that I’ve seen…that it should be rather easy to create an ECF remote services provider that’s based upon Turmeric. What would this provide? Well, it would allow Turmeric remote services to be exposed as OSGi services, with OSGi versioning, and allowing clients to use DS, Spring, or other injection frameworks to inject remote service proxies. Another advantage is that Remote Service admin has standardized meta-data for remote service discovery, and ECF’s multi-provider architecture can easily be used to support several popular discovery protocols…e.g. apache zookeeper, zeroconf, slp, and/or proprietary discovery.

    Anyway…if this is interesting to your or others at eBay let me know. I can/could provide much more info about OSGi remote services/RSA…and ECF’s implementation…and/or work with someone to make this happen.

    • kingargyle says:

      Scott better OSGI support overall is on our list. We need to do some work on the runtime pieces as well to get them to play better in an OSGI environment. Please consider opening an enhancement request against the Turmeric SOA project, with some more details. We are in the planning stages for Turmeric SOA 1.1 now.

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