EclipseCon 2011: Tuesday Talk Highlight

For me on Tuesday, the clear stand out talk was the “Android Developers Tools” talk, although the “Stop the Erosion of Eclipse Architecture” talk has a personal interest followed by Ian’s and Pascal’s P2 talk…oh wait that is “p2” (probably kicked off the mailing list now).

It is very cool what the Google Android team has come up with for developing android applications.     For some great tutorials, and screen shots of the tooling head over to, Lars has put a lot of work into those tutorials, and if you are looking to get started with Android development it is the first place I recommend you go after installing the plugins.

Mobile development is here to stay. Yes, HTML 5 will becoming, but until that time, there will be a need for more Apps developed for the various smartphones (or should I just call them tri-corders).   Tooling is critical for adoption, and the latest tooling also has support for tablet development, so you can make sure your app looks good not only on the phone, but also on the upcoming range of tablets.   What will be more interesting over the coming year is seeing how CDT can evolve into Android Native Development to help those writing games like Angry Birds, EA FIFA 2010, and other applications that really benefit from running natively.   The future looks bright for the Android ecosystem, XOOM is actually a very nice tablet and Honeycomb is looking like it is heading in the correct direction.   The easier it is for developers to develop, deploy, and test the applications, the lower the barrier to entry.

So why did this particular talk stand out? It was a 40 minute talk, that was mostly live demos of the functionality.   It was a very well orchestrated talk, and showing off the visual editor aspects, debugging, building and deploying a complete application was very nice to see.   Too many times speakers get bogged down in their slides, when a lot of the time what the audience wants to see is the tooling in action.



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