Turmeric 1.0.0-Beta-RC1 Released

Turmeric 1.0.0 Beta Release Candidate 1 has been released and ready for download.   Turmeric is eBay’s Open Source Sevice Oriented Architecture framework.   Turmeric 0.9.0 Beta was released in January, and 1.0.0 Beta Release Candidate 1 brings some bug fixes as well as enhancements. Some of the new features supported by Turmeric include:

  • Support for RESTful resource identifiers.   In the past what was called a RESTful was more a combination of URL Query Strings and XML over HTTP.  The new support allows for configuring and creating true RESTful url identifers for the services and operations.
  • This release provides a more enhanced version of both the Monitoring Console for checking service use, and the Policy Administration application.   Support for Rate Limiting Policies is now completely implemented.    Both Monitoring Console and Policy Administration applications are currently released as Alpha products, but are useful and functional.  What needs improvement are some of the User Interface workflows, look for some more postings about these applications in the coming weeks.
  • The Eclipse Plugins have had a few bug fixes and usability improvements.  A user can specify what is the preferred version of the runtime to use, and the POMs will be generated with these preferred versions included.  Also if a new Service project is created, and the user is not in the Turmeric SOA Development Perspective they will be switched to that perspective.

Turmeric 1.0.0 Beta Release Candidate 1 is ready for download now.  Also, if you are attending EclipseCon on Tuesday evening, there will be a BOF, and Wednesday Turmeric will be part of the new Product Showcase.   Please stop by, chat, and tell us what you think about the project, and let us know what you want to see from it going forward.

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