Turmeric Eclipse Plugin Refactoring

One of the items we are going to be addressing in the next several weeks, are some underlying code refactorings for the the Turmeric SOA Eclipse Plugins.   Right now support for the Maven Standard directory structures when creating a new project is non-existent.   Prior to open sourcing the project, the plugins only supported and knew how to deal with eBay’s legacy data structure.   Unfortunately, there are a LOT of hard coded assumptions on where things are to be created.

Legacy also has its own build system instead of leveraging the Maven build system.  So there is some special logic added to the turmeric-maven-plugin to avoid being run in Eclipse when generating code.   This will be corrected as we move forward.   The goal is to fix several design issues, improve the overall ability for adopters to add their own layouts and locations, as well as just make things a better user experience.

If you have been using the plugins, and have been kicking Turmeric’s tires, please do provide us some feed back on the forum.   We have also created a Wiki page in which we will be capturing the refactoring and design requirements.   We plan to have this ready before Turmeric 1.0.0 is released.

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