Cursing Seagate Hard Drives

Work gave me a Dell Studio 1555 system earlier this year.  For the most part it is a good machine.   However, starting around November, the hard drive started having problems.  Today it finally died.   Now, I do tend to be hard on the drive, as I do a lot of system builds on it, and run a Jenkins-CI system to help with Continuous Integration when I’m developing.  However, the drive shouldn’t fail within a year of getting the system.   I’ve got a couple of Acer laptops that just keep on ticking.  The hard drives there have been running fine for years.

So, today, I had to replace the drive that came with the Dell.   I ended up getting a Western Digital Scorpio 320 GB 7200RPM.   I’ve had good luck over the years with Western Digital drives, they at least for me seem to just work.    Seagate on the other hand has always been a problem child for me.   So when I open up the case and and pull out the old hard drive, lo and behold there is a Seagate drive in the system.

Did I mention I HATE seagate drives.   We’ll see how well this Western Digital drive does, but I suspect it’ll just work for the next couple of years.

So if anybody is having problems and needs to replace the drive in the Dell Studio 1555, the Western Digital Notebook SATA drives work well.


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