>Cramps about Orion.

>Why is it that when I look at the code for the Orion editor, I’m immediately reminded of the code example that Uncle Bob Martin showed at EclipseCon last year. In particular, How Big Should a Function be? Just because it is Javascript doesn’t mean we should toss out good SOLID development principles.

I also tend to have a love hate relationship with JavaScript, I’ve seen too much poorly written JavaScript that I tend to toss the language into the same camp as PHP and Perl.

There is a build results page, but currently the code only has 4 unit tests. Nothing showing such things as FindBugs reports, CheckStyle results, Unit Test Code Coverage, etc.? Also, the build appears to happen somewhere within the confines of IBM. I’ve looked here on the eclipse Hudson instances, but couldn’t find anything. I’m still of the strong opinion that eclipse projects need to make their builds viewable and development stats available for a community to see and review.
I know this is early, and things will improve as the project improves, but I think we need to temper the excitement abit with the reality that this is an early stage project, that has a ways to go. I’m glad to see they are adding JS Unit testing ability to the code, I’m just hoping they use it on the project itself.
While I think Orion is pretty cool…I personally don’t want to try and maintain it in its current state. Especially a 4000+ line javascript file for the editor and little to no unit test and code coverage that is being run during a build for the server.
On a side note, I know I’ve been dormant for a while, but expect this blog to become more active in the coming months. More topics on Releng, Open Source, Clean Code, Agile Development and some grumbles and thoughts periodically as well.
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7 Responses to >Cramps about Orion.

  1. ianskerrett says:

    >Without a doubt it is very early days. I think the team deserves a lot of credit for putting the code out there early, instead of waiting to publish a completed product. This way people can have input and impact much earlier in the process.My 2 cents…

  2. David Carver says:

    >I agree that it is early, but also think that before announcing this as a Pre-Proposal or all the hoopla that went around this, that having a little more solid footing and build infrastructure would go a long way.In some ways this reminded me of all the hoopla about the e4 announcement. It showed up out of no where suddenly one day.I checked past e4 Meeting Minutes and nothing had been discussed about it, but all of a sudden in late December we get the announcement of something that is Pre-Proposal. Compare that with the pre-proposal announcements for some other projects and it looks a bit odd.I could just being grumpy today. After all I have a long drive way to shovel later. đŸ™‚

  3. Antoine says:

    >I was looking around, I followed bespin for a long time, and found out about the Cloud9 IDE [0]. It is unclear whether it covers everything Orion means to do, but it seems to. And it also seems to have a lot of traction and a few smart people with good experience in Javascript.So my knee-jerk reaction is that Eclipse fell victim of the NIH syndrom again, and I will for sure follow code9 rather than Orion. Especially because they make it more fun with their easy access on github.[0]: http://www.cloud9ide.com/

  4. Felipe says:

    >Hi Antoine, Orion is also available at github:https://github.com/orion-oti/Orion-ClientDavid, Do you think 4000 lines of code is too much to implement a text editor ? I think it is fine (think of all the things goes into building a text editor). You should also consider that many of these lines are js doc (I think that before we added the doc we were just over 2000 lines of code).Furthermore, in *some cases* long methods are okay (IMHO).But I do agree with you about tests, we need more. We will be working on that.Last thing, orion builds are done at eclipse.org afaik. Thanks

  5. aniefer says:

    >The Orion builds have been running on build.eclipse.org since Jan 19. They aren't on hudson, they run via cron job the same as the e4 builds.

  6. >As to function length, javascript functions provide scoping and encapsulation. Complaining that (for example) the Orion eclipse.Editor function is too long is equivalent to complaining that the java class org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.javaeditor.JavaEditor is too long.

  7. David Carver says:

    >Andrew, yes…I would say that the JavaEditor in JDT is too long, and need of some major refactoring.Of course I think all of JDT needs some rework from a clean code stand point. FindBugs alone when run against JDT reports lots of potential issues.

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