>EclipseCon Submission Ideas

>…or How to Get Your’s Filtered to the Top of the List.

Basically, Kent Beck had said it best, “Write to the Program Committee”. For more details see, “How to Get a Paper Accepted at OOPSLA.” Since I’m on the program committee again, here is what I’m looking for.
  1. Entertain me.
  2. Tells, me why I should really care or be excited about your presentation.
  3. Do NOT toss a lot of buzz words around. Anything that over uses stuff like Modeling, Agile, EMF, SOAP, WS-*, Data Binding, etc will instantly put me to sleep.
  4. Talks/Tutorials on Development Process Improvement, or ways open source projects can meet the needs of their community more effectively, you’ll get my interest.
  5. If item 4 is a repeat of past topics with out anything new or interesting, it’ll go to the bottom of the heap.
  6. If I haven’t seen your name before, you’ll get my interest. I’m tired of listening to the same people. Thus why I’m not submitting a talk this year, it’ll open a spot for somebody else.

Most importantly, if you submit a Tutorial, you better have lab exercises or an Agenda to go with it. Too many EclipseCon Tutorials in the past have been nothing but overly long extended talks. A tutorial should have hands on exercises. Short talks of 5 to 10 minutes to introduce a topic and then exercises to enforce what the talk entailed. If you submit a Syllabus or Outline for your Tutorial, that will immediately get my interest.

If you haven’t already, please do submit a talk to EclipseCon 2011.
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