>The Vex I always Wanted


I’ve been using Vex off and on for the last couple of years. It is good at allowing you to quickly add some content and review it. However, one of the items it has always lacked and has kept me from using it more, is the lack of inline image rendering. That has changed with the recent addition of image support to the editor.

With Vex in the process of moving to the Mylyn Docs project, having image support has always been critical from a usability stand point.
For those interested in the technical details, Vex will currently by default render figure->mediaobject->imageobject->imagedata structures as block.
For those wanting to test drive Vex, you can install it from the Eclipse Marketplace, and if you want image support you can install it from the Hudson Continuous Integration builds.
Update 2010-11-08:
With the publication of Vex 1.0.0 M3, this is can now be installed from the Vex milestone site: http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/incubator/repository/vex/milestones
If you use DocBook or DITA but were turned off by the lack of inline image support, I highly recommend trying the latest version. Oh and you can get Vex through the Eclipse Marketplace as well.
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