>PsychoPath Processor code Available on GitHub

>The PsychoPath XPath 2.x processor’s source code is now available on GitHub as well. This is a snapshot of the 1.1 version that will be with the eclipse Helios release.


Clone the repository, and check out the xpath2proj branch.

The code is also in the master branch, but is a bit harder to get to, and you get all of the various WTP source editing project code as well. Part of the reason for having the fork, was to provide a proof of concept on how git branches could be used within an eclipse project to make accessing specific component source code a bit easier. In this case the xpath2proj branch, just exposes the files that are relevant to the XPath 2 processor. The master branch can contain everything else. Merges from the project specific branches back to the master can occur.

git makes branching so easy, and merging between branches is much easier than with most other source code control systems. It opens up many new ways of working that were avoided because of the pain before.

Oh and if you do fork the PsychoPath github repository, please make sure you contribute changes back to eclipse, or let me know if you have new patches for me to fetch. I’ll work with you in getting the contributions into the official eclipse source code control system.

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1 Response to >PsychoPath Processor code Available on GitHub

  1. Jesper says:

    >Now, granted that I'm a complete Git n00b, it appears to me that this version is very far from being the current HEAD or 3_2 tag? Looks like the last CVS updates are back from November?

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