>XML Tools Project at Eclipse

>There has been a growing need to have an XML Tools project at eclipse. The thought is to keep it under the Web Tools Platform top-level project. Why a separate project? Mainly because it helps raise the visibility and the fact that many of the XML related technologies from WTP are more than just about source editing. So I’ve created bug 309181 to start some discussion.

We had a good first discussion about the need and some logistics concerns at the WTP meet-and-greet at Eclipse 2010. The next steps are to gauge the community interest and to start drafting the project proposal.

The initial code would be populated with the existing XML components from WTP

  • XML
  • XSD
  • XSL
  • XPath 2.0 Processor – PsychoPath
  • DTD

In addition, there are several incubating projects/components that are starting to mature and will need a good place to call home:

  • VEX – Visual Editor for XML an WYSIWYG Document Editor
  • XQuery Development Tools – providing first class support for XQuery Editing and Debugging support within eclipse.

In addition, the RelaxNG editor could also migrate into this sub project once it matures some more, as well as the XML Security plugin.

Long term I’d like to see this become a home for both OSGI related XML work and other frameworks that might not require OSGI to be run (i.e. PsychoPath Processor). It can also be a place where some reference implementations could be developed as well.

I know there is a love hate relationship with XML at times, but I don’t see it going away any time soon, and there are new developments with in various organizations and standards bodies still focused on XML. Feel free to submit comments and thoughts on the bug so that we can make sure we capture it in the project proposal.

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