>Keeping the Environment Clean

>None of us like to see a messy environment.

It’s disrespectful to the people around us and just plain unhealthy in many cases. The same needs to be held true for our builds when sharing a common environment. In our case it is the amount of litter and debris our builds leave behind when they are completed.

Each Job on the Hudson service has a Disk Space Usage graph. Ideally we only want to keep the important information that is necessary for debugging a failed build. Generally this may be a few artifacts, and some important log files. Anything else is extraneous litter that affects the overall environment our builds need to live in. I have some work myself to do with the wst.xsl build, the workspace should not be using 2GB of diskspace.

Remember only you can help keep your build environment clean. Now to go clean up my own mess.

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One Response to >Keeping the Environment Clean

  1. Denis Roy says:

    >You know I'm a big fan of a clean house.

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