>Hudson 1.353 Installed

>Ahead of the mass frenzy that occurs for Milestone 7 and the Release Candidates for Helios, we’ve upgraded the build machine’s Hudson instance to the latest and greatest. There were several reasons to do this.

  • It had been about 3 months since we last did an upgrade of the Hudson instance on the machine, and since then numerous bugs have been fixed, and additional enhancements have occured.
  • Numerous improvements and enhancements on slave machine support.
  • Webmaster is in the process of installing new machines and it was time to make sure we were on the latest software for compatibility reason between the master and slave machines.
  • Many plugins needed newer versions of Hudson in order to be installed or updated.

In addition the following items have been improved, which were causing some issues with some builds.

  • Improved Maven support including MAVEN_OPTS support.
  • Improved Buckminster support
  • Improved SCM support for CVS, SVN, and Git.
  • Continuous Integration Game is back
  • Updates to XVNC support
  • Several performance improvements when display views and jobs.

For a full list of changes review the change log. With this upgrade all plugins we also updated to the latest versions. If you notice any issues, please report them on bug 303216.

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