>Play..Stump the Build Engineer at EclipseCon

>At the “Build and Continuous Integration” panel, it is the time for the audience to ask the tough questions of the build engineer.

A Build engineers life is not a glorious one. When everything just works, they are little noticed, but if it’s crunch time, and the build has to go out NOW, they become the focal point of attention. Are their questions that you would like the panel to answer? Are there common road blocks or Anti-Patterns that you see, and want to know how their way of building addresses these? How does a build engineer deal with the 5pm check in pattern? How does continuous integration affect their lives? Should builds be fast and nibble, or should everything be run in one build that takes several hours to complete.

This is your opportunity to challenge the build engineer. Also don’t forget to award them as well by buying them a frosty cold one at the bar to say thanks. Post a question here and I’ll see we can get it in front of the panellists.

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