>PsychoPath is a Fast Demon

>I was pinged today on twitter by John Snelson asking if I had been running the XQuery test suite against a XPath 2.0 processor. Those that have been following along know about my battle with a demon known as PsychoPath.

PsychoPath runs the known portion of the core and schema aware portions of the XQuery test suite that are marked as being compatible with XPath 2.0. It does a pretty good job at it and passes nearly 100%. I’m never going to claim full compliance with the test suite because there are portions of the test suite that are miss-marked. Some tests are marked as XPath 2.0 but aren’t, and others aren’t marked as being able to be run as XPath 2.0 tests that probably should be.

With this said, a while ago Uncle Bob Martin tweeted about running 6000 tests or so in a couple of minutes. The important thing here is that your unit tests should be blazingly fast. If they are not fast, then developers will tend to skip running the tests.

PsychoPath runs the known 8000+ tests in just under 2 minutes. That’s fast enough for the committers to keep doing TDD development, and running the tests before they check in code. If developers skip tests it introduces possible build failures when those tests are run on the build machine. If the build is a long running build, this is not giving the developers the early and rapid feedback they need. They tend to start to ignore the builds, or test failures are ignored. Not a good thing for the health of your project.

Keep your tests fast, and your code can be healthier as well.

For those interested, the PsychoPath unit tests results are available for anybody to view, including run times for individual tests.

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3 Responses to >PsychoPath is a Fast Demon

  1. Oliver says:

    >Are you using the latest CVS version of XQTS? I have in the last few months updated all the is-XPath2 attributes in the test suite and believe them all to be correct. If you find any discrepancies it would be very helpful if you would report them, either as a new bug or as a comment on http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=7177

  2. David Carver says:

    >Currently we aren't. I do have an open bug for us to go through an investigate the updated suite. I noticed that many of the issues we ran into were addressed in the latest version. We'll also need to send the test suite meta data through Eclipse IP review.

  3. Jesper says:

    >I still dream of renewing the JUnit test suite generator so that we can pick such changes from the XML suite.But an improved run-time API is still at the top of my list.

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