>Calling all Build Wizards

>….to participate in the Build Panel at EclipseCon to reveal your secrets. I have dispatched Owls to the four lands, but only two wizards have responded.

  • Kim Moir – Eclipse Platform Enchantress and all around cool person.
  • Nick Boldt – He who plays with Greek Gods and “Athena” worshiper.
  • Jason van Zyl – Specializing in the Secrets of Maven/Tycho.

Their Owls have returned with their acceptance, but the wizards from the lands of Buckminster, Maven/Tycho, and the Realm of B3 have yet to respond. Reply here if your Owl is sick… do not make me turn this over to the Dark Overlord, Donald Smith.

Update: Jason’s Owl finally showed up….it looks like it took a wrong turn and encountered the Spam Monster on it’s way, but it fought bravely and found its way here.

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2 Responses to >Calling all Build Wizards

  1. >As EEF build master, i am sad to not be there with you, guys. I hope my Obeo's colleagues will bring me back some goodies 😉

  2. Kim Moir says:

    >David Williams would be another good choice for a build panel.

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