>EclipseCon 2010: Mystical Build Monday!

>The first day of EclipseCon is looking like it should be called, Mystical Build Monday. Builds are those things that most consider a necessary evil. The build engineer is often endowed with magical powers, able to move mountains, and change the course of the universe with one line of code. If the build succeeded they often go unnoticed, if the build fails…all of a sudden they become the most important person on the team.

Sometimes they get nice frosty beverages as their reward, but most of the time they go quietly about their job until the next crisis point, where they have to whip up another miracle conjuring to stave back the forces of evil.

Over the last year several different ways to build eclipse based applications and products have emerged. Some focus on ease of use, some on general distribution of repositories, and some just as general utilities for all build tasks. Continuous Integration and rapid feedback have started to become even more prevalent. However, there is differencing opinions amongst the projects methods and projects represented on Monday in Room 3, The Mystics Lair.

In addition to the main shows, make sure to visit the Bazzaar on Deva. Where all sorts of wonders appear. Here the merchants will demonstrate in 12 minutes or less their miracle working incantations. Learn what secrets they can unlock, and what strange creatures they can conjure forth. Yes some of these “short talks” can be dangerous but lucrative to those that dare to listen.

Finally learn from the gathering of these great mystics, as they debate their craft, and challenges they face. Can any of these mystics do battle with a Demon and survive?

In all, Monday is going to packed with all manners of mysticism. I encourage you to dabble in the dark forces at work, these mystics are a necessary part of your team, and they are willing to reveal their secrets.

But Hurry!! The Early Registration potion only lasts a few more days. Don’t miss the wonders that the Bazzaar has to offer.

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2 Responses to >EclipseCon 2010: Mystical Build Monday!

  1. >I'm totally looking forward to discovering the p2 api 🙂

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    >The life of the builder seems to be getting more complex with all these options to choose from…

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