>EclipseCon: Testing Panel

>EclipseCon is slowly inching it’s way closer and closer every day. Those that have been following this blog know that I’m an advocate for having Tests with any code that is committed. My experience is that it greatly reduces the defects that you have to respond to later. They can allow for code to be refactored, and they do provide samples on how to use your frameworks.

With this said, there are those out in the community that still don’t see the point to writing the tests. They still commit massive amounts of code with no tests. So, Oisin thought it would be a good idea to form a Panel to discuss some of the pros and cons when it comes to testing. Particularly when you are developing with eclipse. Especially when you are developing plugins, and also OSGI. To this end, Ketan and I are looking for a few volunteers that would be interested in sitting on a panel at the upcoming EclipseCon to discuss testing. We want to show both sides of the coin, so are looking for those that are for it, and those that still do not think it is worth the time and effort. We want a lively debate, but a civil debate. Basically we still want to be able to toss back a few frosty beverages at the bar later that evening. We may even have a special guest panel member.

So if you are interested, please drop a note on bug 296769. Give us some background information and any additional information that you think might help us out. Panels can be great, or they can be boring. This one is truly going to be what the community makes it.

Oh..and if you have not already. Submit a talk. If one is not enough. Submit three or four.

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