>SWARM for the Community

>The Eclipse Platform releng team has been struggling with some build times recently. Kim’s woes are described in bug 293830. In general, the eclipse platform needs some help from the community to help off load some of the time it takes to do the eclipse platform builds. In particular running unit tests. She would like to move the builds to eclipse.org, but unfortunately the Foundation does not have the resources or machines necessary to build on all the various platforms. A possible solution…create a community build swarm.

Swarm’s are typically thought of in a negative ways…

However, they can also be quite beneficial and beautiful as well…

If you have a spare system that isn’t being used, and you would like to help check out bug 294330, put your two cents into it. If you have a platform that you think should be tested against then consider adding it to the swarm, so that the various eclipse projects can leverage it to build against.

Another way to help out is to contribute some cash to the Foundation as a Friend of Eclipse. This way poor Kim doesn’t have to pay for Amazon Cloud instances with her credit card.

So here is yet another way that the community could help, that does not require a bit of code.

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2 Responses to >SWARM for the Community

  1. Kim Moir says:

    >I'm not "poor" so paying for Amazon machines to test cloud infrastructure isn't really a hardship at the moment, in fact, I think I can still afford lunch 🙂 (As you know, cloud services are very cheap). If the Friends of Eclipse money were to go to pay for cloud services, I think the Foundation would have to discuss this because I don't think this is a service they currently offer. The Amazon EC2 plugin on Hudson just specifies one certificate, which of course it tied to a credit card. There would have to be some discussion on how to and who would pay for it.

  2. David Carver says:

    >Yeah, Kim, but you shouldn't have to foot the bill, if a> we can either get the Foundation to pay for some Cloud time. b> Get Amazon to contribute cloud time to the build. c> get a community swarm setup that grows and shrinks dynamically over time.As for how the foundation uses Friends of Eclipse money, paying for EC2 could time is a good thing and might get me to contribute beyond getting a machine ready I can put in the SWARM.

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