>Making it Easy for Contributors to Contribute

>Bjorn had a blog post where he states “Eclipse needs to be more Welcoming” in many ways I agree with this statement. I’ve blogged in the past on how I see some differences with some commercial open source projects and more traditional open source projects. In some ways, I think the emphasis on commercial is both a benefit and deterrent to eclipse related projects. There is a different mentality at times that develops when one is not being paid by somebody to work on an open source project.

Anyways, one of the great non-commercial open source eclipse projects that has been developed by one person’s passion, is the Athena Common Builder. It opens a wide variety of ways that an eclipse project can become more open to its contributors. One of Bjorn’s statements points out that there needs to be an easy way to get the latest source. There is but not many projects have this item up to date or published: Team Project Sets.

With Athena Common Builder in use, there is no reason that a project shouldn’t have a Team Project Set for their builds. It is as simple as adding map2psf in your build.properties file. Add it to your build targets to run, and it will create the necessary PSF in your releng project. You just then have to make this available. The nice thing about this, your PSF will always be up to date with what your MAP file says. So as long as you keep your MAP files current and clean, the PSF will be available.

Then it’s just a matter of a contributor, going to File->Import->Team->Team Project Set and importing the PSF for your project.

Making it easy for contributors to at least get the most current code, is critical to your project’s growth. If you do not make it easy to at least get the code, then you are already starting at a disadvantage in growing your community contributions.

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